Never Do These 8 Things to Do Your Dogs, According to Experts

Avoid Sticks for Dogs

Running with sticks can lead to injuries and even death due to impalement or mouth injuries. Opt for pet-friendly toys like rubber balls for safer playtime.

Say No to Retractable Leashes

These leashes can cause burns and injuries to both you and your dog, and they're challenging to retract in emergencies. Stick to traditional leashes for better control and safety.

Handle Leashes with Care

Yanking on leashes or using choke collars can cause serious harm to your dog's neck, leading to fractures or even death. Use gentle methods for training and control.

Keep Sunscreen Away

Sunscreen is toxic to dogs and can cause gastrointestinal issues if ingested. Their fur provides natural protection from the sun's rays, so avoid applying sunscreen to your furry friend.

Use Vet-Approved Ointments

Avoid using human antibiotic ointments on your dog's wounds without veterinary supervision. Some ingredients can be harmful or cause allergic reactions in pets.

Pet-Proof Your Bathroom

Toxic chemicals, cleaning products, and hazards like toilet water can pose dangers to your dog's health. Keep the bathroom door closed or secure hazardous items out of reach.

Ice Isn't Nice

Avoid giving your dog ice cubes to play with or chew on as they can lead to dental injuries like broken teeth. Instead, offer safer treats like frozen vegetables or dog-safe chew toys.

Say No to Table Scraps

Feeding table scraps can lead to digestive issues, weight gain, and even pancreatitis in dogs. Stick to a balanced diet of dog food recommended by your veterinarian.